MBAT Exhibition @ ITEA/ARTEMIS Co-Summit (Berlin, March 2015)

MBAT participated in the Artemis/ITEA Co-summit taking place 10-11 March 2015 in Berlin. Project results were presented to the audience with a dedicated MBAT booth (a picture of that can be seen in the Photos section) as well as during presentations that highlighted the main MBAT achievements.

At the end of the Co-Summit MBAT was awared the Artemis Recognition Certificate.

New MBAT public Training Material

Under "Public Deliverables" or “Dissemination/Training Material” respectively "Downloads" (Top Bar) are the following new public deliverables available:


MBAT Newsletter #6 published

The sixth edition of the MBAT Newsletter was published November 30, 2014.

It reports on a main outcome of MBAT, the MBAT Analysis and Test Patterns. The MBAT Pattern System for describing workflows that demonstrates how analysis and test may be best applied was developed on top of the "MBAT Overall Approach". The "Overall Test & Analysis Methodology" is documented in the public deliverables downloadable from this website. The "MBAT Analysis and Test Pattern System" is documented in the public deliverable "MBAT Experience Package, Final Edition", downloadable under "Dissemination/Education and Training" respectively "Training Material".

Further on, articles on the interoperability specification for systems engineering as driven by MBAT, the ETSI Test Description Language TDL and about ongoing activities towards preparing for Edition 3.0 of the generic functional safety standard IEC 61508 have been included, particularly pointing at MBAT influence and input to standardization.

Reports about MBAT-related events (conferences, workshops, full plenary meetings and the upcoming final life review December 10 in Brussels at ECSEL JU) conclude the newsletter.


New public deliverables available

Under "Public Deliverables" respectively "Downloads" (Top Bar) are three new public deliverabls available:

  • MBAT Workshops
  • MBAT Experience Package
  • 2nd Edition of "Overall Analysis and Test Methodology"

New Training Material under "Downloads"

An MBAT tutorial, held for MBAT developers in 2013 by Stefan Paschke, Virtual Vehicle Competence Centre, Graz, for MBAT developers, is now available under "Downloads" (Dissemination/E&T Material). The tutorial explains how to implement OSLC Consumers and Providers based on the Java SDK OSLC4J provided by the Eclipse project Lyo (the OSLC reference implementation).

MBAT Newsletter #4 published

The fourth edition of the MBAT Newsletter was published October 30, 2013. It covers recent MBAT activities, upcoming MBAT-related events and contains an article on Subproject 3 (MBATS Reference Technology Platform). It can be downloaded from the DOWNLOAD area (Dissemination/Newsletter).

MBAT Marketplace at the 4th MBAT Full Plenary Meeting

The MBAT Marketplace and 4th Full Plenary Meeting - Cambridge, May 15-16, 2013

The 4th MBAT full plenary meeting was hosted by MBAT partner Ricardo. The Cambridge office of Ricardo is dedicated to Control & Electronics activities, employing approximately 60 people, and is a leading designer and developer of automotive electronics and associated embedded software technologies. They are engaged in projects including engine management systems, powertrain and vehicle control systems, active safety, on-board diagnostics and embedded software.

An outstanding event at the 4th MBAT Project Meeting was the so-called "MBAT Marketplace", where MBAT partners could demonstrate and/or explore technologies, tools and ideas of partners which could be promoted and developed further in context of MBAT. A market is probably the best place to explore new things and meet other people. With 22 booths and over 30 contributing partners, the MBAT Marketplace provided a unique space for technical solutions and ideas. The solutions are developed in MBAT or are State of the Art technologies useful to achieve the project goals, but in any case they are related to the MBAT use cases. All MBAT partners were invited to participate and explore the variety of ideas and technologies MBAT provides. The marketplace was divided in the following four exhibition spaces, "State of the Art", "MBAT Demonstrations", "Idea Space" and "Interoperability". Each space was represented by multiple related technologies. Overall, it was a great success and welcomed by all partners.


MBAT Newsletter #3 published

The third edition of the MBAT Newsletter was published April 30, 2013. It covers recent MBAT activities, upcoming MBAT-related events and contains an article on Subproject 2 (MBAT Technology and Innovations). It can be downloaded from the DOWNLOAD area (Dissemination/Newsletter).

MBAT Exhibition at ITEA/ARTEMIS Co-Summit Paris Oct 2012


The MBAT Project has been shown at the ITEA/Co-Summit in Paris, France, 30 & 31 October 2012. Check out this video on youtube consisting of the slides shown at the MBAT booth and some photos made there: .

3rd Full Plenary Meeting Vienna 5 & 6 September 2012

The 3rd MBAT full plenary meeting (FPM) took place in Vienna, Austria, 5 & 6 September 2012, and has been hosted by AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology). In addition there has been a technical meeting on 4 Sept and Steering Board & Technical Project Committee meeting on 7 Sept. These meetings had in sum 80 participants representing 35 of 38 MBAT partners (companies & research institutions). Compared with the two previous FPMs in Stuttgart and Copenhagen which had stronger focus on project structure (e.g. sub project & work package status presentations), the meeting in Vienna had much more focus on the use cases dealt within MBAT as these are seen as the driving element of the project. Thus, for each of the use cases there have been presentations and discussions. Many of these use cases are already in good shape and several of these are planned to be shown in form of demonstrators during the upcoming first MBAT live review for ARTEMIS-JU end of 2012. Beside the use case discussions the MBAT RTP (Reference Technology Platform) in its first version has been discussed which is also in a good status to be provided in form of a fast track version in short terms, but in any case for the upcoming review. In addition, it is planned for future FPMs to have the use case discussion supported by demonstrator exhibitions in form of so-called market places to make the project even more lively by showing tangible & running results.

The next MBAT full plenary meeting is planned for mid of May 2013 in Cambridge, UK, and will be hosted by MBAT partner Ricardo.

2nd Full Plenary Meeting Copenhagen 23 & 24 May 2012

The second MBAT full plenary meeting took place in Copenhagen, lasted two days and was hosted by Aalborg University. It had 75 participants representing 35 of 38 partners (companies & research institutions). Besides the status & planning sessions for all sub projects and work packages, a very important topic has been the launch of the use cases already planned  for the project. For this, a special session on the second day has been fully dedicated to this topic in which use case drivers and use case supporters (technology providers) had the chance to come together and to plan for the use case developments. The use cases serve as the most lively means to show the benefit which can be gained from the combination of static analysis and testing technologies available in the project. These use cases will also be used as basis for demonstrators showing exactly this benefit.

First MBAT Newsletter available

The first MBAT Newsletter (June 2012) is now available and downloadable from "Dissemination/Newsletters" (left side bar)!



MBAT co-hosting Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop at SAFECOMP 2012

ERCIM/EWICS/DECOS Cyberphysical Systems Workshop at SAFECOMP 2012

Magdeburg, Germany, 25th Sept. 2012, 9:00 – 17:30

Dependable Embedded Systems, Robotics, Systems-of-Systems:
Challenges in Design, Development,Validation & Verification and Certification

Workshop participation free of charge for SAFECOMP participants

Scientific Co-sponsors: ARTEMIS projects MBAT, pSafeCer and R3-COP

Erwin Schoitsch, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology,
Amund Skavhaug, NTNU, Trondheim

Read more: MBAT co-hosting Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop at SAFECOMP 2012

MBAT co-hosting ARTEMIS Technology Conference 2012 Nuremberg, March 1, 2012

The aim of the 2012 ARTEMIS Technology Conference on Interoperability is to permit the different system engineering approaches towards interoperability for critical embedded systems to converge and to derive a common vision for an interoperability standard for this field of application whose realization can outlive the duration of a specific project. An ecosystem of projects and initiatives is envisaged to follow the path towards an interoperability standard and, in the end, to contribute to a joint ARTEMIS Reference Technology Platform (RTP).

Read more: MBAT co-hosting ARTEMIS Technology Conference 2012 Nuremberg, March 1, 2012

Exchange Workshop -European projects on safety for cross-domain applications

January 31st, 2012 (14h-18h) - Toulouse, France
(detailed timing and location information available under DOWNLOADS, top bar)

Several European projects address safety certification/qualification for cross domain applications. Although each of these projects has its own specific goals, it seems clear that cross fertilization potential between those projects is important hence our suggestion to meet together.

Read more: Exchange Workshop -European projects on safety for cross-domain applications

MBAT Kick-off Meeting 22-23 November 2011

MBAT Kick-off Meeting has taken place on 22 and 23 November in Stutgart. This meeting has had 78 participants including representatives from public authorities and ARTEMIS JU.


Official Project Start

MBAT has officially started on 1 November 2011

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